REVIEW - The Walking Dead S03E06

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After a few game-changing episodes for Rick’s group of survivors and the community of Woodbury, its time to take a deep breath and prepare for a change of pace. This week’s episode takes some time out to allow the characters to pick up the pieces from the events of the last few episodes and start coming to terms with where they are and what they have just experienced. It is an episode with multiple story threads but it also demonstrates signs of the writers putting some of the season’s over arcing plot wheels in motion with only two episodes to go before the mid-season finale.

Following the surprise phone call Rick received last week, he is left to ponder his thoughts as he continues to dwell in his self-induced exile as he struggles to come to terms with Lori’s death. Meanwhile, Daryl displays leadership qualities as he tries to fill the void left by Rick, while Glenn and Maggie go in search of supplies. Over in Woodbury, the attraction between Andrea and The Governor continues to grow and Merle leads a group in pursuit of Michonne.

The change of pace at this stage of the season is necessary with what has gone and with what is undoubtedly to come. It is also understandable in what has been a thrilling season so far and welcome when considering what the characters have been put through. However, the quality of the show as a whole doesn’t suffer and this is far from being merely filler episode.

Writer Scott M. Gimple does a fine job of juggling all the different strands and allowing each the room to breathe. The episode treads lightly across its various storylines meaning it never gets bogged down in one particular plot thread and keeps everything ticking along nicely.

The cast is as good as ever with Andrew Lincoln’s Rick having to confront the feelings he has been unwilling to face and Michael Rooker’s Merle getting plenty of opportunity to develop as a more villainous figure.

The dynamic that two contrasting and parallel settings has offered the show this season has helped to freshen it up and now characters from both sides are starting to crossover. It demonstrates events are building to a head and there is certainly a sense that there is something big building to take us into the break.

Review by Jonathan Gray


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