REVIEW - Family Guy S11E02

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The Griffins become a Nielsen family and Peter takes it upon himself to change television

The Griffins are chosen to become a Nielsen family, which means they have a set top box in their home so the networks can monitor TV habits. Peter is ecstatic as he never gets chosen for anything and has the grand idea of stealing all the Nielsen boxes therefore controlling all television.

At first he only has enough clout to change the local news station where he forces Tom Tucker to lose his moustache, end the show with a chainsaw and employ some prairie dogs to look upset when there is tragic sad news. As his power grows he controls storylines for national TV shows and we get to see Peters bizarre ideas of what makes good television.

Peter changes up some of America’s biggest shows, which he thinks is for the better. Mad Men with light saber fight scenes, an episode of Cops with Bananas instead of guns and Letterman reading a bedtime story are just some of new Griffin changes. However, what Peter soon realizes is that the whole town has turned against him for ruining television even Quagmire and Joe are no longer his friends and so he has to work with the networks to make it right again.

This isn’t the most controversial or outrageous Family Guy episode you will ever see, but there are some smart gags here and even a cameo from Homer Simpson, which was pretty awesome!

Review by JoAnn Duff


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