Review - Pretty Little Liars S04E15

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This week's episode had the Liars decoding Alison's diary but little did they know that the A -Team is closer than they think. In a race against time, the Liars must find Alison before A does. 

 Aria has been playing house with Ezra while Jake's away. WHY ARIA?! Ezra gave her a key to a cabin where they can meet up in secret. 

Emily either dreamed about Alison or she was there in her bedroom. You never really know but objects like the diary had been moved. Is it just me or is Emily's story like just getting more boring?

The Liars eventually find that Ali's diary or 'creative non-fiction' journal captures stories of their shared past including a tale about 'The Cradle Snatcher'. Apparently, Aria's little brother Mike got lucky with Hanna years ago and she was too ashamed to share. 

It's all about reading between the lines and that's exactly what Aria did. The clue leads them to a bed and breakfast that the Montgomery's use to holiday at. Unfortunately, the car fails to help the Liars reach their location and they end up stranded in the woods (This seems to happen way too much). Aria tells her friends that an uncle owns a cabin nearby (Ezra's secret cabin* more like it) which was not the brightest idea and the diary is stolen. 

Hanna has been depressed since Caleb's last visit before he returned to Ravenswood. I sense a new love for Hanna on the horizon with Travis whom we met back in 'Bring Down the Hoe' episode. He saves the day which only makes him a greater candidate to win Hanna's heart after Caleb ditched her a ghost.

 Toby uncovers the truth about his mother's death with the help of Mr Hastings. According to the real records, Mrs Cavanaugh fell from the roof by accident but then again can you really trust facts given in Pretty Little Liars right?

Is Ezra really A or is he just helping A to protect Aria? Since the writers unveiled his involvement in Ravenswood, the constant focus on his creepiness begs me to question the whole situation. 

Next Tuesday: Jake returns which can only mean one thing, move over Ezra and make room for the other guy. The Liars try to beat A to Alison's hiding spot and will we finally find out why she was so afraid to return home?

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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