REVIEW - American Horror Story S2E05

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The saga continues for poor ‘Anne Frank’. Just as sister Jude pours all faith and belief into Anne’s story, her husband arrives at Briarcliff to take her home. She is not Anne Frank after all but a young wife and mother called Charlotte with severe postnatal depression according to a rather speedy diagnosis from Dr Thredson.

Dr Thredson seems so monotone, calm and balanced while hell happens around him that you quickly begin to wonder if he is a good guy at all. He professes to be able to save Kit from the death penalty if he can prove his sanity, and promises to break Lana out of the asylum that night. But the longer he stays on the screen the more unsettling he becomes. Your gut proves you right in the last third of the episode with a revelation which will leave you in disbelief.

Jessica Lange deserves an Emmy nomination for this episode alone. We see her become more fragile, old and lonely as her ivory tower begins to crumble from its very foundations. Sister Jude closes in on Dr Arden’s Nazi past it is and she turns to her beloved Mon Senior for support but is rejected and the Mon Senior wonders if Briarcliff is too much for her. The Mon Senior knows far more than he lets on.

Chloe on the other hand has problems far worse. Nazi Dr Arden has begun his devils work and testing on her as a human guinea pig. She is unrecogniseable and has become a poor tortured creature that I can barely look at on the screen. You find yourself wishing for her misery to end.

Sister Eunice continues creeps around in the shadows as the possessed El Diablo and is a gripping character to watch. You wait and wonder who becomes her next toy to play with.

I am Anne Frank (2) Brings American Horror Story Asylum right back to true form. Slick production, A-list acting, fast pace, and horror beyond your wildest nightmares.

Review by JoAnn Duff


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