REVIEW - Homeland S02E08

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Our favourite political/psychological thriller is taut with suspense this week (something new and different, I know). The tension is electric (serious props to Damian Lewis for making viewing literally uncomfortable) as Brody has the closest thing to a breakdown we’ve seen so far. He’s ‘burnt all bridges’ - from the CIA to his family (and possibly Nazir thanks to his uncharacteristic outburst in front of Roya). He’s giving up, buckling under the pressure. His days appear numbered. Luckily, Carrie is there to save the day (read ‘go-rogue/get laid’) – as always - but will her desperation inadvertently lead to the demise of Brody, her ticket to salvation?

This week the Dana-drama proves to play a big role in Brody’s meltdown. Like her dad, Dana’s mental health is currently at the mercy of powerful people. Instead of letting them play her, she decides to make her own move, with the help of go-to-guy Mike. Mixed emotions follow.

I don’t want to give too much away, but I will tell you that this episode has a cliffhanger that will leave you once again questioning whose side Brody is really on.  

Review by Catherine Jones


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