REVIEW - Vegas S1E08

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This week, Sheriff Lamb and the military police unite when Vegas’s weekly game of Cluedo leads to an AirForce base.

Rizzo creates issues when he unwittingly hires Savino’s ex-mistress to sing at the Savoy – the sexy songbird is a volatile mix of miffed and smitten.

In a world where the bad guys aren’t always so bad and the good guys don’t play by the rules, Lamb and Savino’s relationship status still falls under ‘complicated’.  Who saved who is up for contention as the two engage in the witty banter and wise cracks we’ve come to expect.

Carrie Anne Moss gets some screen time, but frustratingly her talents are yet to be put to good use. Perhaps the creators are hiding that card up their sleeves. Time to play the hand, we think.

Savino’s wife shows her solidarity to her husband and his associates, before doing an about face regarding the cronies.

This episode also allows us a better glimpse into what could have happened to Lamb’s wife. Legal documentation states her death was an accidental car crash, but it’s clear the Sheriff thinks otherwise.

Overall, Exposure is a solid episode.

Review by Catherine Jones


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