REVIEW Gossip Girl S06E05-06

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After a somewhat slow final season started, things are definitely heating up on the upper east side. Dan has been cast aside by Nate after publishing his articles in Vanity Fair instead of the struggling Spectator, Ivy and Rufus have cemented their relationship revealing that Ivy did actually receive the inheritance money from Cee-Cee. Knowing this they can buy their way back into the upper east side and make life a living hell for Lily. 

Meanwhile over at Eleanor Waldorf designs, the company is in dire trouble with Blair struggling to get buyers and keep the company name, Eleanor returns home a very distressed company president. For the first time in Gossip Girl history, Eleanor finally confronts Blair and her scheming ways. Coming down on her daughter in an extremely harsh and confronting way, it is exhilarating to finally see someone discipline Blair and make her realise that she cannot scheme her way through the business world. 

Dan and Serena have retreated to Lilly’s house where they have re-kindled the romance that blossomed in season 1. Realising that no matter what has come up between them, they are meant to be together and nothing can hold them apart any longer. I honestly did not see this storyline coming and thought it was a little strange, especially since they were step-brother and sister for a few seasons there. 

You definitely get the sense that things are winding down and the characters are finally moving forward and maturing to some degree, in a way that the show can be closed off without any movie, spin-off or follow up’s needed. 

Keep watching there are only 7 episodes left! Xoxo


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