REVIEW - Homeland S02E07

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The latest chapter of Homeland, ‘The Clearing’, showcases parallels between characters while attempting to balance glaringly obvious subtext with at-times-improbable narrative.

That’s not to say you’re not in for one hell of an entertaining episode.

Things revolve around a fundraising function held by a wealthy Vietnam War Vet, a man who embodies everything Brody could have been had he not lost himself along the way – or so he tells Carrie in a rather revealing rendezvous in the bushes.

This week we also see Brody attempt to save his daughter from her hit-and-run angst. At first we suspect he may see the ‘scandal’ as a ticket out of his entanglements and obligations as Congressman and double agent but, when Carrie shows up to stop them from going to the police, it becomes apparent Brody just doesn’t want to see his daughter become twisted like he has. He wants to show Dana he can be counted on. He wants to be the man he could have been.

Yep, this episode appeals to our sense of empathy towards Brody, which makes us wonder where all this is headed. Will it end with Brody paying for his actions, or will it cement him as a main character in a position of power in seasons to follow? Only time will tell.

Speaking of time, it’s running out for the guys at the CIA to pinpoint the perpetrators of the looming ‘matter of national security’.

Here’s where things start to get a little far fetched; Saul goes to Aileen (remember her, the girl-terrorist who got caught trying to escape with her BF in tow?) for intelligence. She’s been sitting in a window-less cell for a while now when Saul comes to visit. He thinks she may know who the mystery man is and offers her a room with a view in exchange for information. This all ends with her lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood. Now, we saw that coming a mile away so why didn’t Saul? Slipping up in his old age, or something more?

You decide.

Review by Catherine Jones


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