REVIEW - Grimm S02E12

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If there is one thing that has been consistent about my reviews of the second season of Grimm, it's disappointment. Perhaps I have been spoiled by shows like Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but few episodes in this second season can function independently. Despite this, I love the show; I think it's a good concept and takes a new approach to monster-based drama that I've never seen before.

As season two rolled along, however, the main storyline got...beefier. This isn't a bad thing except in how it was executed. Still, I felt that the finale would make up for this slightly mediocre season.

Sadly, it didn't.

When I review Grimm, I try not to spoil the ending of the episode and that's not changing today. However, since I feel this episode suffers greatly because of this ending, I am going to spoil thing:

The ending of Grimm's second season was a cop out.

Over the course of 12 episodes, Grimm built up the Juliette and Renard subplot, made Adalind the mastermind behind most of this season's problems and made it all but certain that we knew this was going to be messy.

What we got was, at best, a half-finished episode. There were nothing in this plot that we couldn't see coming.

This would have been fine if it was just another episode, but it wasn't. You can't be lazy with your season finale: there's no guarantee you'll have another season. It comes off as cocky to assume you can get away with a 'to be continued' stamp.

The sad thing about this episode is how well it was done until that ending.

This episode was predictable, but that didn't make it any less painful to watch as everything collapsed around Nick. He found out about Juliette's affair (from Monroe, not her) and their relationship's taken a nosedive, his partner was beaten to near-death for being his partner and, to top it off, Adalind's back in town.

The man looked so broken that I swear he was going to give up the key just for respite at one point.

This episode is painful to watch, which is why it's such a strong, tragic episode, but the ending cheapens it.

I feel this episode should have been a two part finale so we could dedicate all this time to Nick's personal problems and still been able to clean up the plot with a strong ending.

While every other show might have you talking about how great the finale was, the conclusion of Grimm's second season left me feeling cheated.

Even if Grimm's already been renewed, that 'to be continued' was a punch in the stomach.

Review by Greta Rehak


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