REVIEW - 90210 S5E01-07

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The group may be growing up but they still keep making wrong decisions, one after the other.

It is never short of drama in the area code of 90210, as a group of friends: Annie, Dixon, Silver, Navid, Liam, Adrianna and Naomi falling in and out of relationships. It seems anyway. Season 5 picks up from the pleasing ending of the previous season when Naomi decided that she would not let the love of her life Max slip away, Dixon quit his music tour for Adrianna only to be a victim of a car accident, Silver decided she wants a baby and Liam discovered he is legally still under management with his Ex-Vanessa.

Since the new season, Max and Naomi have eloped after they confessed their feelings for each other. Only to find more trouble as Max’s business partner/best friend Alec is not happy about the marriage and was out to sabotage for his own benefit.

Liam sells the off-shore bar to buy out his manager Vanessa from his acting contract. He “accidently” burns down the bar, as his alternative way out by claiming insurance money to pay her off; Vanessa figures it out and takes advantage. It never seems to work out for poor Liam, as Vanessa falls from a balcony during a heated fight and disappears. While his jealous friend Navid swaps DVD’s at the movie premiere of Liam’s new film with video footage of Liam having sex. 

Annie is devastated over the news of her brother Dixon and spends most of her time staying by his side. While she works on finding a guy who is right for her which seems to be impossible, as the last guy was using her to access Max’s ideas for a new video game.

Silver asked her best friend Teddy to be the father of her child and he hesitantly said yes. She tries to get her ‘wild side’ out before she has a child by doing a naked photo-shoot and joining a burlesque dance club.

Dixon awakes from his accident, only wanting to see Adrianna, while she is in Vegas sleeping with someone else. Dixon and Adrianna try to rekindle their relationship but Taylor (the guy from Vegas) is determined to prove the attraction between him and Adrianna is real.

Although, the group may be growing up, it doesn’t really show as they seem to keep making the wrong decision, one after the other. This week’s episode “99 Problems” follows Silver, frustrated that she still is not pregnant and discovers medical complications, Liam is recovering from the unleashed sex-tape scandal and Adrianna announces she is opening for Ne-yo at the Hollywood Bowl. Dixon wants to show his love for Adrianna and considers a marriage proposal but doesn’t. Shame really, considering Adrianna was going to reveal that she cheated on him but from the promo’s for next week’s episode looks like Dixon will be finally be clued in.

While Dixon’s Sister Annie is having trouble treating her disabled date Riley as normal as possible but it back fires and Riley ditches her on their date. Ouch…and doesn’t turn up to the next one. Annie confronts him furiously; plants a good slap and they end up in a hot make out session in the pool.

As for the power couple of the show, Naomi and Max search for a new CEO after Max fired his best friend Alec, choosing his wife instead. Max is later introduced to Bryce (a beautiful woman) who is the best candidate for the job and Naomi is not very enthusiastic about it.

Things will begin to shake up as lies will be revealed and 90210 will celebrate their 100th episode.

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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