REVIEW - Family Guy S11E05

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Joe wasn’t telling the truth. He did not lose the use of his legs by falling off a roof after a fight with the Grinch. Notorious criminal Bobby Briggs was responsible.

Joe’s nemesis, the criminal who shot out his legs when he was discovered as an undercover cop back in the 90’s has been apprehended by the police and is finally going to jail. Tom Tucker reports that Bobby ‘The Shirt’ Briggs was so called as he wore a shirt when committing all of his heinous crimes. This big time criminal had been on the run for 15 years but finally he has been caught and justice is about to be served.

Joe’s peace of mind only lasts 24 short hours before news breaks that Bobby Briggs has escaped and is back on the run. Joe demands to be on the case to help track him down but his boss at the department says that he is too close to the situation. That leaves Joe depressed and unhappy until his pals Peter and Quagmire offer to help.

The offer of help means they take the case into their own hands and try and track down Bobby themselves. The usual Hijinks is involved as they try and intercept Bobby Briggs before he hits the Mexican border. There are some great one-liners from Peter and a particular set of skills Quagmire has to get information from strippers and to escape some bent cops.

This could become a classic episode of the season and is a favourite of mine so far for Season 11, witty, funny and a few ‘I can’t believe they got away with that’ moments!

Review by Joann Duff


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