Review - Family Guy S11E04

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Brian is losing his touch at the bars when picking up women. He needs something spectacular to impress the ladies. Is a time machine a little too far?

Brian picks up hot chicks with low self-esteem with the pick up line to end them all. He sneaks them into Stewie's bedroom and uses his time machine. Brian takes the ladies anywhere they want to go and gets laid a lot in the process, it seems everyone is having a good time until Stewie gets suspicious.

In a panic Brian gets scared and doesn’t want his secret discovered by Stewie so he tries to fiddle with the time machine to reset the mileage. Disaster occurs when the time machine explodes, leaving Stewie and Brian battered and bruised but much worse is that it seems that time is in reverse.

Stewie and Brian seem immune at first but soon enough the whole neighborhood is going back in time. Back in episodes too as we revisit the all too long fight between Peter and the Chicken (do we have to keep wheeling that one out to fill a few minutes?) The ipecac spewing scene and Cleveland reappears in the bathtub as his home collapses.

As time reverses so does Stewie’s age and Brian has to fix the time machine before Stewie is ‘unborn’.

This isn’t going to be one of the standout episodes of season 11. Its not as gross, funny or topical as other episodes but it does have the most consistent storyline without too many of the usual random cut-to’s.

Review by Joann Duff


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