REVIEW - American Horror Story S2E06

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All of a sudden the monotonous replaying of ‘Dominique’ in the stark rec room at Briarcliff feels like a night at the Four Seasons.'

I watched this episode back to back after ‘I am Anne Frank (2)’. I jumped at my own shadow the whole way through and felt so unsettled that I had to calm myself by watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond to bring me back to safe TV. I’m a tough cookie when it comes to horror but this episode got into my head and under my skin.

Dr ‘ex Nazi’ Arden is getting sloppy, leaving devoted, devilish and increasingly busy Sister Eunice to pick up the pieces and tie up all his loose ends. The power scales now tip in her favour and you know that soon enough Dr Arden will be putty in her evil porcelain hands. She also finds time to spend with a young protégée. A girl who would not be out of place in ‘The Ring’ whose mother is so scared of her murderous tendencies and lack of emotion that she abandons her at Briarcliff.

This episode though has far more important business to attend to. That being the revelation that Kit is not the Bloodyface Killer. Mild mannered Dr Thredson is revealed as a mixture of all terrifying serial killers in American history, fact and fiction. Ted Bundy, Leatherface, John Wayne Gacy and Hannibal Lecter all rolled into a super intelligent, completely deranged, horrifyingly delightful character who can change personalities on a knifes edge.

Lana Winters is in really big trouble. Dr Thredson has rescued her, but he has other plans. She cannot return to her life as she knew it but Thredson has recreated a gruesome version for her. She is trapped with Thredson in one of the creepiest homes on earth. Thredson is looking for ‘mummy’ and has a penchant for sleeping with dead women and then skinning them. Not really the flatmate you want, and all of a sudden the monotonous replaying of ‘Dominique’ in the stark rec room at Briarcliff feels like a night at the four seasons.

Back at Briarcliff though it seems Dr Arden has finally got his wish to have Sister Jude out of the picture. She seems to leave with dignity but old Sister Jude has a trick or two up her sleeve and you know she won’t leave quietly.

The origins of Monstrosity is one of those episodes which doesn’t let your senses stop for a second and reveals some key questions while leaving many more left to be asked. If Bloodyface is in his mid-20’s in the 1960’s who the hell is Bloodyface today?

Review by JoAnn Duff


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