REVIEW - Family Guy S11E03

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Quagmire wears a toupée?!!

This episode starts out with the guys at a baseball game. When Brian, Joe, Peter and Quagmire all reach to catch the game ball at the same time they fall over each other. When they all stand up there is a shock in store. Quagmire’s toupée is flapping in the breeze and its all caught on video on the Jumbatron!

Once Quagmire gets over the embarrassment he decides to embrace his baldness which means no more ‘fun’ Quagmire. He wears a brown cardigan, hangs out at the library, stops drinking beer and likes to look at pictures of birds. He becomes so boring that Peter tells him he needs to get a hair transplant otherwise they can’t hang out anymore. He needs to be fun again.

Whilst at the hospital Brian, Joe and Peter wait anxiously for the results. Brian takes a walk and overhears a Doctor consulting with Lois’s father, Mr Pewtershmidt. He is told the sad news that he has terminal cancer and has just two weeks to live. Brian breaks the news to Lois and all the Griffins head over to Mr Pewtershmidts mansion to see him. When they arrive they discover that Mr Pewtershmidt is completely fine. Something must be going on!

Brian and Stewie decide to follow him and find out the truth. They believe that his illness is being hidden in some way so that the share price of Pewterschmidt industries doesn’t fall. They discover infact that Mr Pewterschmidt has found the cure for cancer. Will he do the right thing? No, of course not. Its Family Guy!

Review by JoAnn Duff


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