REVIEW - How I Met Your Mother S8E08

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So far we are stilling deciding who will be the mother of Ted Mosby’s children? But his endeavour for love takes a back seat as Season 8 has mainly focused on his friends Lilly, Marshall, Robin and Barney.

Lilly and Marshall are absolutely drained of energy from their new baby, while Robin and Barney both have new relationships that fail evidently. It seems the writers are doing as much as they can to drag the storyline out.

The hilarious TV show picks up from where it left off in episode 7 when Marshall recommends old collage buddy Brad (Joe Manganiello) to his boss. Only to uncover that his so called “buddy” was using him to steal their strategy for the upcoming legal case concerning Frog lake, one of the areas Marshall’s company are determined to protect.

Fast forward to the actual case in episode 8 called “Twelve Horny Women” as Marshall is up against the impossible, a jury of a bunch of women heavily attracted to Brad. There is no lengths that Brad won’t cross to win, including: bending over to show off his backside, and sharing video footage of him swimming and chilling by Frog Lake - just in case the ladies didn’t get a glimpse of him shirtless yet.

However, Marshall will not settle for a ‘no’ and also wants to appeal to the jury by playing with their emotions. He lacks the sex appeal, so that’s out of the picture. Instead, he brings in an adorable duckling that he claims is suffering dermatitis due to all the chemical spillage in the lake.

As a subplot the gang try to convince each other that they were badass as teenagers. Although, not sure how this was relevant to the main story.

An interesting part of the episode was when it showed the awkwardness between Barney and Robin after their kiss from last week’s episode. Barney claimed he has given up trying to gain Robin’s affections. Nethertheless, it’s obvious they will eventually end up together but right now they're still in denial.

It was not the most exciting episode of the season so far but it ends with a happy note as Marshall wins the court case.

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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