REVIEW - Arrow S01E02-E05

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Arrow S01 E02-05

After an amazing pilot episode that was (and still remains) the most watched pilot of the season, the show has been given a full season order and is the ONLY new show to maintain its audience every week.
Several well-known DC characters have been introduced including China White and super villain Death-Stroke. While the female lead Dinah faltered through the first episode, she has truly come into her own in the next few eps and comes out as a strong lead female character for the show.

A lot of the episodes are told with current events and linking back either to the island or events at the company while Ollie was “missing”.
Perhaps the biggest development is Diggle being rescued by Arrow and becoming the Alfred style character. A lot of comparisons to Batman Begins have been made of the pilot episode, but all this fades away in the next few episodes.
Episode 2 see’s Arrow going after another business man on the list, and this feels a little formulaic but fortunately the introduction of China White keeps the action pumping and by episode three Arrow has come into its own.

Highlights of the next episode are Diggle finds out that Arrow is Ollie and quite his post as personal security guard, only to be replaced by a young Navy seal who is worse at keeping up with Ollie than Diggle.
Remember in episode 1 when Ollie left his clothes in the bin in the stairwell with security cameras? This comes back to bite him as the video is watched by Dinah’s father who arrests Ollie and submits to lie detector test to attempt to find out the truth.

A great flashback to the island see’s Ollie kill his first bird to eat to survive, and the confirmation of the existence of other people on the island is confirmed when Ollie is captured by a group of soldiers who employ DeadShot to kill Ollie.

Ollie and Dinah confront their feelings for each other and after a passionate kiss decide that they should never get back together, under any circumstance.

Employing Diggle to appear in the streets as Arrow while Ollie is on house-arrest, puts all of the suspicions off Ollie and will allow him to move forward as Arrow without further suspicion.
Hopefully we will see more of DeadShot now as the season moves forward and he will become the “Joker” character of the season, and hopefully the show as a whole.

Review by Alaisdair Dewar


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