REVIEW - Gossip Girl S01E01-E04

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Gossip Girl S06 E01 – E04

It is finally here! The final season of one of the most controversial teen television shows in history. After an explosive season finale last year, the show starts off in shambles. Lilly and Rufus are now separated, Dan has teamed up with the fabulously bitchy Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) to write his next book and actually name the people in it by their real name. Nate is running The Spectator which is now being under-run by Gossip Girl.

Serena has ran away and no-one has heard from her all summer, Blair and Chuck have agreed that one day they will be together, but Blair needs to focus on taking over from her mother’s fashion line and Chuck has to focus on his dad being back from the dead, and what his plan was this whole time.
Rufus and Ivy have shacked up together in the Brooklyn apartment and have started getting “intimate” of all of the creepy things this show has done, this is definitely the creepiest. Although I am pleased that they have found a way to keep Ivy in the show, she masterfully manipulates Rufus into turning against Dan and Lilly, and this is only going to get better as the season progresses.

Blair, Chuck, Dan and Nate put aside their differences in the pilot to track down Serena, where she has been disguising herself as Sabrina in the Hamptons, shacked up with Steven (Barry Watson) as she wants to escape her past life and become someone else. They end up convincing her to move back to NYC where Steven joins her in their own apartment. Although S has made it clear that she wants nothing to with B.
Episode 2 proves more problematic when B must debut the new line for buyers at a fashion show, and when her big socialite pulls out, she must turn to S for help getting a big name there to maintain interest. Dan prints his first article in The Spectator courtesy of Nate and when listing Rufus and Ivy as together they threaten to sue Dan and the Spectator for printing their names.

Blair is preparing for her fashion show when Serena needs her to put Steven’s daughter Sage in the show to gain her approval. Sage strips down on the catwalk and Serena causes outrage stating the Blair is promoting child pornography. The reviews are bad for Blair and she must take the line forward to keep the company afloat.
Episode 4 is a little more slow, Steven and Serena make a list of each other’s sexual history as they discover that Steven had an affair with Lilly a couple of years ago, Nate runs into trouble at the Spectator when Dan decides to publish all his future articles in The New Yorker and he signs a deal with Bart Bass that could lead to something further in the season.
Keeping things light and fun Georgina is auditioning dates for Dan, someone who is sexy and literary, resulting in a great montage that this season so needs.
Gossip Girl herself is doing some great cheeky voice-overs confirming that this is the beginning of the end, and with characters like Sage confirming that no one reads Gossip Girl anymore it is only 9 episodes away from an epic finale!

Review by Alaisdair Dewar


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