REVIEW - Homeland S02E06

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In this highly explosive episode, it's a race to see who (and what) will catch up with Brody first.

As his marine buddies put two and two together and Saul attempts to shut down Mike's investigation, a raid goes off with a bang; Brody’s suddenly not looking like such a reliable double agent. It’s clear he isn’t as easy to manipulate as one of Carrie’s recruits, but she’s adamant she’s turned him. At this point she has no choice but to believe him, as the threat of real violence is becoming more and more imminent.

Under the watchful eye of Virgil, Roya makes contact with an unknown contact next to a fountain. All audio is foiled. Quinn and Carrie show Brody a picture of the mystery man but he maintains he’s never seen him before.

In this episode, it again becomes apparent someone is acting the mole. If not Brody, then who?

As plots deepen and captivating sub-plots emerge, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis continue to put on a perfect performance.

Props must also go to Morgan Saylor who portrays daughter Dana. Her storyline is starting to reflect aspects of her father’s; will she follow his crippling path of lies or seek emancipation, regardless of the consequences?

Stay tuned.

Review by Catherine Jones


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