REVIEW - New Girl S2E09

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Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) has not had the best luck in finding a new teaching job and has been spending her time helping older people learn how to read to pay her bills. In episode 9 ‘Eggs’, the show opens with Jess’s lesbian gynaecologist friend Sadie and her partner Melissa sharing a dinner with Jess, Cece and Nick, when they announce they’re pregnant. It’s great news for them but when Sadie rants on about how women lose up to 90 per cent of their eggs by the age of 30, Jess realizes that time is ticking away and she begins to panic. 

“What if I only have weird eggs left?” Jess asks. Cece (her best friend) tries to calm her but Jess suddenly feels the need to be fertilised before it’s too late. A hilarious moment is when Jess screams “Give my nipples a purpose!” out her window to all the city people. Jess takes her craziness to a whole new level as she throws away any toxins in the apartment that could ‘harm’ her, including the microwave. All she wants to know is “Who is going to plant a flag on this sweet, sweet continent?”

Jess and Cece (Hannah Simone) decide to take a test that while determine how many child baring years they have left. Sadie breaks the news to them, luckily Jess’s hormones are off the charts but for Cece she doesn’t have as much time. Which comes the predicament, should she start trying for a family now while she is fertile and with her boyfriend who wants them in the distant future?

Schmidt (Max Greenfield), who signed a contract with his boss to be her sexual partner, is frustrated that she is bored. Known for his great sex, Schmidt does not settle until he can satisfy her. Earlier on, he turned to Melissa (since she is a lesbian and gynaecologist) for her advice and she called him a “Vagenius”. So whats wrong? Apparently love is what is missing…

Nick (Jake Johnson) on the other hand, wants to actually start his zombie novel. To do so, he wants to experience life and live an adventurous life like the famous writer Ernest Hemingway. Drunken Nick drags his roommate Winston to the Zoo to get some ‘life experience’ and Winston confronts Nick about his habit of never finishing anything in his life. In the end, Nick surprisingly does finish the novel (well kind of) and Winston is proud, even if it was crap.

The writers of New Girl did a great job on this episode and it was definitely one of funniest so far for Season 2.

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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