REVIEW - American Horror Story S2E07

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A Dark Angel has arrived within the walls of Briarcliff. Sister Eunice is not impressed.”

A favourite from season one, Frances Conroy arrives in the Asylum and her character is fascinating and beautiful to watch, she is here to claim a key player and to tempt some of the others ‘to the light’. Sister Eunice is intrigued and threatened by this new dark force.

Following on from the last episode, Grace and Kit are sentenced to a barbaric sterilisation for being caught in a compromising tryst which simply will not do at Briarcliff. With Thredsons taped confession and his remorse shown to Sister Jude before she left, Kit is spared the castration and turned over to the cops for interviewing. Grace is not so lucky. She is put under the surgeon’s knife, but the knife this time does not belong to Dr Arden.

Meanwhile Sister Jude goes to Mr. Goodman the Nazi hunter with a fingerprint on a brandy glass so that she can prove the Dr’s Auschwitz past. When she arrives she soon finds that someone beat her to him and has stabbed him in the throat. With his last breaths he tells her that ‘a nun, one of yours’ was responsible. No-one can blame Sister Jude for what she does next, which is to crumple into a messy heap and swig a bottle of whisky dry. She is in a real mess. Chatting to the angel of death in a booth in a roadside café is probably rock bottom for anyone.

Lana is still the unluckiest woman alive (and at times she wishes she wasn’t). A momentary chance of escape pays off for her and a last ditch attempt at freedom is rewarded. But is it out of the frying pan and into the fire?

Kits love for Grace knows no bounds and once he knows she is still going under the knife he risks his life to bust out of the police station, face the ‘creatures’ and return to the asylum to break her out and go on the run together. In true Asylum style the last 60 seconds are full of suspense and not the ending you expect at all.

Dark Cousin gives a brief rest from terror, blood and gore and the slick production of this episode and the introduction of the graceful yet macabre angel of death keep this series fresh and just as intriguing as the first episode.

Review by JoAnn Duff


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