REVIEW - The Taste S01E01

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Cooking shows and talent shows are plaguing our television screens at the moment, with so many it can seem hard to keep up with the "in" show of the moment. ABC have created their own show called The Taste and combines the culinary skills of Masterchef with the talent credibility of The Voice, how does this work? Each contestant cooks a dish and it is served on a spoon to the four judges who cannot see who cooked the food. Each judge says yes or no based on the taste and then they get to meet the person that made it.

The four judges are Anthony Bourdain who is like the Simon Cowell of this group, he seemingly feels like a no holds barred judge who tell it like it is. Brian Malarkey who is the two sentence nice guy who doesn't say a whole lot, Ludo Lefebvre an extremely sexy French chef who has a strong palette and knowledge of food and finally the sexy and charismatic Nigella Lawson, domestic goddess who has crossed the border and also serves as an executive producer on the show.

The first episode is a 2 hour spectacular and they have done a great job of introducing the concept of how the show works and it definitely chooses substance over style. What I loved was a lot of wanky professional wannabe chefs that you get on these kind of shows are shown the door as they over complicate food and people who know how to make something taste good prosper. My favourite contestant was definitely Lauren, a young girl who made an alluring flourless chocolate cake with pistachio crumble.

The judges really work well together, and each brings a different view to the table and this keeps things interesting. Each judge gets to choose 4 chefs to cook with and one by one each week they will do the blind taste test and the judges could even send their own chefs home.

This is a fantastic idea for a show and it has been executed seamlessly. If you are a reality show junkie you will love this new addition, if you just like cooking you will also get something out of this as it presents itself without any pretention and shows the kind of chefs you want to see on television.

The Taste is showing Tuesday nights at 8/7C


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