REVIEW - The Lying Game S02E01

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ABC Family have managed to turn Sara Shephard's novels into hits first with Pretty Little Liars and now The Lying Game which has been renewed for season 2.

This season we go straight into Alec's arrest and court case. Confirming our suspicions at the end of last season that Sutton knows who their birth mother is and is teaming up with her to bring down the families and individuals that protected the secret of their real mother and twin.

Emma visits Alec in prison and he confesses that he knows about the two of them and strongly cautions Emma against trusting Sutton.

All of the pieces of this puzzle started to make sense at the end of last season and in just one 40 minute episode they have mashed it all up and provided more questions. Sutton and Ethan rekindle over a bike accident and after being rejected by Emma, shows signs of going back to Sutton again.

New hottie Jordan crashes the big charity party (I know they are still happening!) and we discover that he is a lot closer to Rebecca than anyone ever knew.

This is definitely one of ABC Family's best shows on their roster. The soapy style surprises and plot twists always keep me guessing and the good and evil twin thing works to perfection. An excellent season opener to what should be an amazing season 2 for The Lying Game.

Review by Alaisdair "Arrow" Dewar


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