REVIEW - New Girl S2E12

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Starting off the New Year in hilarious fashion is New Girl as the latest episode has Jess, Nick, Sam and Angie staying in a cabin for the weekend. Nick is still dating the striper, Angie (Olivia Munn) and following the last episode, Jess has returned to her ex-boyfriend Sam (David Walton). The foursome stay at Sam’s bosses cabin where the disaster begins. As always Angie is finding new ways to challenge Nick, this time she wanted to play with guns (which can only end badly). A highlight of the episode is when the absinthe is brought in. Jess along with Sam and Angie get overly drunk, ending in Angie trying to make a pass at Sam (awkward). When Jess and Nick walk in on them, Angie insists she thought the whole ‘cabin thing’ was suggesting something else.

However, sometimes good things come to an end and the next morning Angie did what she does best, split when things get serious (Nick really does have the worst luck with women).

Back at home, Schmidt is determined to reach out to Winston on a cultural level when he sees him associating with his ‘black’ friends. He asks ‘white’ Nick and ‘Brown’ Cece, “Are We allowing Winston to be his blackest self?”

Schmidt makes a proposal to be Winston’s black friend that he never had. Amused by Schmidt and his willingness to do almost anything for him, Winston tries to teach him a lesson about race. As they both spend the night doing things that Winston suggests reminds him old days including eating ribs and getting some…crack? Schmidt the gullible being he is enough drives to the ghetto side of the city and asks passing guy if he sold crack. This scene is definitely the best part of the episode and will have you laughing so hard at the situation Schmidt places them in.

I have to hand it to the writers of New Girl, the characters are more likable than ever and every recent episode leaves you wanting more of the show to watch. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until next week but till then make sure you catch the ‘Cabin’ episode.

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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