REVIEW - Family Guy S11E07

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Oh, I can't believe it! I'm going out on a date with Kent Lastname!’

Episode 7 is all about Meg. I find the ones focused on Meg bring out the best in the meanest, funniest comedy double act Stewie and Brian. This episode is a little piece of double act gold in the first half of the episode before it turns a little darker.

Brian and Stewie get hold of Meg’s diary. Amongst some gross out entries poured on the page they also discover that Meg has a crush on a handsome boy called Kent. She is out of control, and as usual when she locks onto a man, woman or dog in the past the outcome is only creepy, psycho obsession.

She finally plucks up the courage to ask Kent out on a date. Surprisingly he says yes! They have a wonderful time and Meg lunges in for the kiss, but is denied! Broken hearted and defeated Meg has to hear the worst news possible. That Kent is gay, and worse still he has a crush on Chris. Brian hears the news and relays the message to Stewie but lost in translation Stewie thinks that Kent has a crush on him!

After trying and failing to get Kent to turn (showing him a photo of her hairy back was never going to work). Meg settles for the next best thing. She won’t ever really experience what its like to sleep with Kent but she can hatch a plan so Chris does and live vicariously through him. The plan could work apart from the fact that poor Chris has no clue!

Towards the end this episode hits a nerve where sleeping tablets and date rape storylines are implied. This will put off some Family Guy fans who love most of the humour but feel maybe sometimes the jokes go a little too far. An average episode over all.

Review by JoAnn Duff


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