REVIEW - Elementary S1E11

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After the Christmas and New Year break, Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson return with a brand new case with the doubts over their future companionship still lingering in the air.

The mystery to be solved revolves around the grim discovery of a murdered hotel manager found in a washing machine and takes in a charity organisation, a university bound daughter and the hotel’s unofficially employed working girls.

Pleasantly, what appears on the surface to be a rather routine case soon develops into something far more intriguing with several twists and turns that would have been hard to predict. Some may argue that there are a few too many leaps of logic required but credit must go to the writers for throwing in a few interesting curveballs and the willingness to be so bold.

Prior to the holiday break, the main thread was the impending conclusion of Watson’s time with Sherlock. This is immediately picked up here so as to remind the audience of the situation. However, one of the strongest aspects of the episode is the change in dynamic between the two. Holmes now displays an increasing respect for Watson while she is starting to pick up on some of his methods. It leads Holmes to stop referring to her as his companion but instead use terms such as “apprentice” and “associate”. It is one of the most rewarding elements of the series so far to see how the relationship has grown and how the mutual respect between the two has developed.

Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are as watchable as ever but are also displaying signs of greater chemistry, particularly in a scene where Holmes and Watson indulge in a spot of “whore fishing” as part of the investigation.

The episode ends of a bittersweet note that proposes a few questions of where the relationship will go in the future. It is especially interesting to see how Sherlock will react and if we are any closer to uncovering more of his past or meeting his mysterious father.

Review by Jonathan Gray


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