REVIEW - Cougar Town S04E01

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After departing the ABC network who refused to promote or care about the show, TBS picked up the under-rated comedy for a fourth season and saved the show from cancellation. A lot of people were skeptic about how the should would go on the new network, but after the season premiere any concern about the show's future have been eliminated.

The whole gang is back and follows immediately after the wedding of Jules and Greyson in the last episode of season 3. The couple are adjusting to married life and Greyson is finding out that being married to Jules is not what he expected. Ellie hands her responsibility of Jules's happiness over to Greyson while Laurie is having distance issues with her army boyfriend who is going to be away for another year. 

The laughs come hard and fast in this season opener, and while this does reflect an episode of Cougar Town, you can definitely feel the catch up vibe to induct new viewers on the new channel.

At the end of the episode a very special cameo from Michelle Williams as Laurie's sister brings the episode to a hilarious conclusion. Thank you TBS for saving this show and we look forward to an amazing season! 

Review by Alaisdair "Arrow" Dewar


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