REVIEW - The Carrie Diaries S01E01

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After their last big hit Gossip Girl came to a close after 6 years, The CW needed another big hit to kick into that age group and take the ratings and dvd box sets by storm. Sticking with literary adaptions they turned to Candace Bushnell author of the wildly successful Sex & The City to turn her prequel novels The Carrie Diaries, focusing on the character of Carrie Bradshaw as a teeanger.

Set directly after her mum dies, Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) returns to school when out of towner Sebastian Kidd (Austin Butler) transfers in after spending the summer with Bradshaw and starting a summer romance. Carrie received an internship in Manhattan, were surprise surprise she is dreaming of being a fashion icon and writer.

The great thing about this is unlike Gossip Girl, 90210, Melrose Place, the story doesn't deal with spoiled and sarcastic rich brats who we love to hate. These are real people in Conneticut dealing with a dead mother, the characters are real and there is no smoke and mirrors to distract from ust how great the script and themes are.

Robb does an amazing job as Carrie, there are glimpses of SJP in her narration and excitement but she actually carves the character and makes it her own.  Another great character is Butler who compliments Robb perfectly and adds some much needed depth to this seemingly weak story.

The show is set in the mid 80's and is nostalgic heaven for any 70's-80's babies will get a kick out of the fashion and appropriate music. Fortunately enough of these songs they have used have been redone lately through other tv shows (Glee etc) that they wont be completely out of touch.

Setting the story half in the city and half at school in Connecticut feels very Jane By Design, but it actually works and I look forward to the first 13 episode run and see were the writers are planning on taking us on this highly anticipated journey. This is one of the best pilots of 2013 and definitely worth taking a look.


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