REVIEW - New Girl S2E10

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Jess pitches the idea of placing a bathtub in the apartment and the guys are reluctant. Wilson later comes clean that telling her that he actually loves having baths. He comes up with the (not so brilliant) idea of keeping the bathtub on the roof, so no one knows except for Jess and him. It all back fires as the water leaks through the roof and crashes through, damaging Schmidt’s suits. What do they do to fix their problem? Fake a robbery of course and blame a bunch of ‘Meth Heads’ who just needed the cash for drugs. Wilson panics that their plan is failing and they decide to return the suits dry cleaned, claiming the ‘Meth Heads’ returned the clothes to cover their tracks.

Schmidt gets his first account in work (chosen by his boss aka his once sex partner) and is trying to deal with the fact he really does love ex Cece. Picking up from last week’s episode, Cece feels like she must forward in life and settle down with a family. She tells Robbie that she must start getting serious about children or her other option being ‘set up’ the traditional way, an arranged marriage. Schmidt confesses his love for Cece with a pigeon in a box and wants a serious commitment, including kids.

Nick has noticed regular female customer and who is rough around the edges, like him. He breaks his rules and begins a conversation with her. As he gets to know her, he feels that Angie’s (Olivia Munn) boyfriend is not a ‘good guy’ and encourages her to break up with him. Later in the episode, Nick walks into Angie and her boyfriend having an argument as she claims she wants to leave him after the advice given by NIck. With unlucky timing, Nick gets punched in the face and Angie protects him by hitting her boyfriend over the head. Angie takes both of them back to her work to put stitches on her boyfriend’s injury and surprise…she works at a strip club.

After a business meeting with his boss Schmidt turns up on Cece’s door step drunk and she decides to call her mother, asking to be ‘set up’. While Nick had a strange happy ending as the stripper Angie crosses the bar to kiss him.

What could possibly happen next?

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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