REVIEW - Family Guy S11E06

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This episode runs two main storylines along with the usual sick, hilarious randomness, which we love, from the Griffins.

Firstly Stewie gets a little pet turtle. Cute little fellow and someone a little more animated than boring old Rupert. All is going swimmingly with Stewie and his new little green pal until strange happenings begin to occur in the Griffin home. Innocent bookmarks are replaced with razorblades, someone mysteriously swapped Brian’s Jack Daniels with flat diet coke (which surprisingly Brian discovered at 10am) and Rupert loses an eye in a random, savage attack. Is Sheldon quite what he seems?

Meanwhile it’s Lois birthday and feeling unloved and unappreciated by Peter she spirals into a mid-life crisis. Its refreshing to have Lois get some screen time and be centre of attention for once, and the shoe is on the other foot as poor Peter has to chaperone his party going wife around town. To start with its super sexy but the hootchie shorts, Ugg boots hair extensions and partying soon take their toll on Peter and the marriage, breaking pint comes when she sneaks backstage to sleep with Justin Bieber!

Back at the house where the rest of the Griffins are left to fend for themselves the situation with Sheldon gets creepy as evil Sheldon breaks out of his tank. There is an unusual hero at the end of this cracking little episode full of laughs and they seem to have the American cougar phenomenon down perfectly.

Review by JoAnn Duff


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