REVIEW - 90210 S05E10

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Last episode ended with Liam locked in a basement of the Offshore playing hostage with his so called “Bodyguard”. The mission is left up to Annie and Vanessa to work together to find Liam. For once Vanessa was likable and was able to out-smart Ashley after discovering she purchased plenty of unnecessary surveillance equipment. Annie saves Liam and Vanessa takes on Ashley in a fight that ends horribly when a gun gets pulled out.

It’s not looking good for Ade (Adrianna) and Dixon who called the quits not too long ago. Dixon has moved on already with his friend from his group therapy and Ade meets a cute biker when Naomi and Ade get stranded. To hit a nerve, Ade decides to bring the biker to the launch of Dixon’s label. However, Dixon responds by telling Ade that he really does not care about her at all (Ouch).

The best part of the episode is Naomi reached out to her mother who has not been in the show for since the first season. I always wondered what happened to Naomi’s parents. The Clarke women had a raw and emotional moment as Naomi asks for some guidance to help save her marriage with Max (who currently has disappeared from the picture). Hopefully Naomi wins Max back because she has fought so hard to keep him in the first place.

Then there’s Silver who complains about not having a baby and is basically doing anything to get what she wants, including, ruining her friendship with Teddy. The girl will not give up on attaining the rights to Teddy’s sperm after they agreed he would father her child a while back. Silver calls upon Teddy’s uncle to help convince Teddy to give up his rights but it all back fires.

Misery loves Company’ is by far one of the best episodes of the season and a must-watch for 90210 fans.


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