REVIEW - American Horror Story S2E08

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I will never look upon Father Christmas in the same way again…’

Even Briarcliff becomes festive in its own way with a special guest appearance from Ian McShane as a deranged Santa serial killer who terrorized families before Christmas on a murderous rampage.

Having been sentenced to Briarcliff the deranged Santa is sent to solitary after he bites off the face of an unsuspecting warden at the worst possible moment, when the local press and photographer are on hand to catch the whole sorry saga. As punishment Sister Jude sends him to solitary for ten long years.

Sister Eunice is so delightfully evil you see her revel in the devils mischief with more passion in each episode. As she spirals out of control Sister Jude, who has realized that she has become possessed calls on a most unlikely partner to help her, Dr Arden. He accepts the partnership and promises to get Sister Jude back into Briarcliff. It’s a risky move on Sister Jude’s part, can Dr Arden really ever be trusted?

While a new storyline emerges in this episode another is resurrected. Dr Thredson (Bloodyface) isn’t dead after all and cruises darkly back into Briarcliff much to the surprise of Kit and Lana. Kit manages to lock him in the store room but for how long and what price he will pay for it we will have to see.

Meanwhile it seems the huge climax and end to episode 7 has been swept under the carpet and wrapped up all too quickly. The shooting of the creature that leapt into the kitchen which was witnessed by the guard needs to be addressed. It is with a swift ending to the poor guards life.

This episode is fully concentrated and rightly so on the amazingly creepy performance of Ian McShane. The downside to focusing an episode on a one off guest character means that not much moves forward with the main plotlines. A great episode nonetheless, the quality of production and the sheer talent of the cast members keep the more irrational, ludicrous storylines ever watchable.

Review by JoAnn Duff


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