REVIEW - Vegas S1E09

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This week Lamb and his posse track down the killer of a young showgirl. The case resonates with Katherine on a personal level, allowing her much more screen time than usual. And boy does she shine – especially in her scenes with Lamb. The sheriff wants to keep her safe (which has thus far meant keeping her off our screens!) but he doesn’t get his way this week as the feisty (yet constantly elegant and poised) lady does some investigating of her own.

Wouldn’t it be great if the writers allow the Katherine-Lamb relationship to blossom? We think it would add a missing dimension to their characters and help centre the storyline.

At the moment, Vegas is all over the place. It’s like watching two movies at the same time. In one corner we have Lamb playing detective and in the other we have Savino playing games with a high roller he needs to pull other high-stakes players into the casino. The two barely even cross paths this week.

So we put it to you, Vegas watchers, what did you think of Episode 9 ‘Masquerade’?

Review by Catherine Jones


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