REVIEW - Glee S4E10

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It’s Christmas time for all you Gleeks and what a better way to celebrate than with a song. This year’s holiday episode shows characters in both Lima and Manhattan, as they all tell tales (kind of like Love actually).

Back at McKinley, Artie arrives to school with a face injury from falling off his wheel chair. Artie is frustrated and wishes life had turned out differently for him. As he falls asleep on the school nurse’s bed, he enters an alternate universe where he is not disabled and Glee club does not exist. The guys all stayed jocks, Rachel never got her chance to shine, Tina never got over her stuttering and Quin doesn’t live through her car accident. Artie makes it his mission to bring everyone together though music and he wakes from the dream, appreciative of what he does have.

In New York, Rachel is preparing to leave to visit her dads and Kurt is surprised by his father Burt. They share a special Christmas as Burt brings a tree for their apartment and a special ornament (made from Kurt’s mothers old perfume bottle). Burt takes his son out on city for some hot chocolate (a tradition of theirs) and breaks some news…he has prostate cancer. Sadden by the news; Burt takes Kurt to the ice rink where his last present is waiting, Blaine.

Puck returns to Lima for the holidays to visit his brother Jake and brings him to LA. Where Puck takes him on a tour of the movie studios where Puck has begun doing script writing. The half-brothers bond through song and motorcycling, deciding this Christmas to bring their mothers together to make one happy family. As the mothers argue over Jake’s mother being the home wrecker, they agree that it was the boy’s father you played them both and abandoned all of them.

Brittnay walks the halls giving her friends gifts of large proportions and says deserve to be happy for their last couple of days on earth. Brittany and Sam’s romance is heating up. Gullible as the other, they decide to get married before the Mayan apocalypse. Coach Beast initiates the ceremony and the couple try to make the most of their time. Only to awaken on December 22 and realise they are still alive.

Sue is feeling chartable this season and wants some way to use her power for good. She over hears a conversation between Marley and her mother about their most of their money going towards therapy for Marley’s eating disorder. Sue takes the Cherrio’s Christmas tree and sells it to a tooth pick company. With the money she makes, Sue secretly surprises the family with a tree, presents and a stocking with $800.

It’s a cute episode filled with different stories of family and friends coming together for what seems like another magical Glee holiday, filled with songs like ‘White Christmas’ and ‘The First Noel’.

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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