REVIEW - How I Met Your Mother S8E11-13

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In the last few episodes Barney has been dating the one person who annoyed Robin the most, Patrice. Robin is told by Ted that Barney plans to propose to Patrice and is devastated by the news but chooses to stay by Ted for his big night. Being the good guy that Ted is, he does not accept that Robin is allowing the man she loves to get away from her and drops her off at the World Wide News Building (where Barney is waiting). There she finds a trail of rose petals with the final page of the PlayBook and the truth is revealed: the whole thing was another one of Barney’s tricks. Then he proposed to her! Although, Lily and Marshall have not been crucial to the storyline they spent their first night away from Marvin at Ted’s celebration but find it’s hard to be leave their son. This was one of the best episodes of the whole series and finally moves the story forward.

Robin sends a text message to all her friends giving the good news that she is engaged to Barney. Ted, who is still at his celebration (for being the youngest architect to design a New York City skyline) is notably still very much alone. When are we going to meet the mother already?

With a wedding in view, Barney and Robin have to begin planning and Lily is already on it as she pulls out her wedding folder. Little did she know Ted also wants to help and has already chosen a date (May 25, 2013). However, Lily has other plans for Robin’s wedding she wants the band that she and Marshall had wanted to play at their wedding. Ted wants to hire a DJ and secure it, he books Lily’s band on the day of the wedding. As Ted gives this whole protest speech about bands at weddings, his real feelings about Robin’s engagement is revealed.

During this time, Robin discovers that Barney has not asked her father for permission to marry her and insists they meet so he can ask. Scary as imagined, her father says no and Barney tries everything until he gets a yes out of him.

Concern about her friend, Lily invites Ted on their roof to confront him about his feelings. "Robin shouldn't be with Barney. She should be with me," Ted said to Lily. Ted explains that all the pain he has suffered over the years (this is shown in a hilarious montage of scenes where Ted is punched, attacked etc) does not add up to what he felt the moment he found out about the engagement. Considering Ted always assumed they would end up together after Robin warmed to the idea of kids and settling down. Lily explained also that sometimes she found being a mother difficult and wished she could just pack her bags, and leave.

Later Ted runs into Cindy (Rachel Bilson) whom he use to date/roommate of his future wife and she tells him her ex-roomate is in a wedding band (one of best in the area). Fastforward to the future and you see Ted at the wedding watching the band on stage.

It was nice to see that even all the group has been through, they are friends who are loyal and even though the writers are dragging the show on. How I Met Your Mother has kept the comedy going and charm in the process. 

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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