REVIEW - The Carrie Diaries S01E02

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After a stellar pilot episode and some not so stellar ratings, The Carrie Diaries continues with this episode focusing on Carrie's continuing relationship with Sebastian Kidd. Still grounded with her sister we actually see their relationship attempting to improve with a great family car wash moment that sets a beautiful tone for the episode.

Kidd is still being pursued by the school's "it girl" Donna LeDonna and has started being nice to Mouse to try and show a good side that will impress Kidd who is still hung up on Bradshaw. Sounding a lot like Gossip Girl? I know, I know, it is hard not to compare the two especially with the same producers and writers, but the funky 80's tone and depth to Bradshaw stop it from going full Upper East Side.

The photoshoot has finally arrived but Carrie's internship is under a deadline and she may not be able to make it with the purse. Making a decision to attempt to do both and win her boss over she is able to get both done and still impress her boss. The city doesn't stick around for too long after the photo shoot and we are back to the Kidd storyline.

The chemistry that is building between these two is quite remarkable for a show like this and the two are mesmerising together. It is really hard to watch this and not compare it to Sex & The City, but there are definite similarities yet the show seems to be carving out its own identity which is necessary to ensure its survival past its initial 13 episode run.

This show is definitely one to keep watching and if you have missed the first couple of episodes don't worry you haven't missed out on too much yet!


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