REVIEW - The Borgias - S03E07

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Episode seven is about unions. Bad ones, passionate ones, religious ones, tangled ones and forbidden ones.

Cesare and his army are trying to capture Milan in a carefully balanced power negotiation with the French army. Micheletto gets some rare downtime from killing and torturing on behalf of the Borgia dynasty and is shown around Milan by a handsome stranger who takes him to a deserted house which belonged to Leonardo Da Vinci. He shows him Leonardo’s contraptions and inventions as well as something else entirely. There should be more of Sean Harris on screen as Micheletto has such a presence, intriguing story and is acted so well you are left wanting more every time he leaves the screen. It is a real treat when there are episodes which focus on him.

Back in Rome Guilia Farnese makes a re-appearance after being extricated from the Papal house. She has a new suitor and wishes Pope Alexander to approve the union while in Naples Lucrezia pushes hard to toughen up her soft yet pretty Duke husband. However, he is not interested in conflict and just wants a peaceful life. The price you pay for a peaceful life in the time of Borgia is a short one. It looks like Lucrezia has to wear the pants in this partnership and protect herself by making a power play of her own.

By far the most interesting storyline in this episode is Ludovico Sforza’s deal with the devil (or should that be the Pope?). He has been keeping Caterina’s only son in hiding and gives him up to the Borgia’s in return for safe passage and a life spared. What he didn’t count on was Michelleto mistaking capture for murder and as with every deal made by anyone it this season of the Borgia’s, there will be dire consequences.

Review by JoAnn Duff

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