REVIEW - The Borgias - S03E06

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Death, pestilence and the plague are rife in Naples, so is it the right place to bring a Borgia heir? Michelletto thinks so as he smuggles Lucrezia's baby from Rome back into his doting mothers arms to the disbelief of her husband.

Meanwhile in Rome it’s turning 1500 AD and Pope Alexander sees fit to plan a spectacular show to mark the 1500th year of our Lord. He expects pilgrims to come from all over Christendom and hopefully donate and fill his coffers. The narcissistic egomaniac also commissions a portrait and gets busy organizing an outrageous event. One of his cardinals comes up with a grand idea for gold coin where Pilgrims literally pay for their sins with coins with a coin box outside each confessional.

Caterina Sforza is still plotting as usual and pulls a stunt with a plague filled rag. I am unsure if she really does plan to destroy the Borgia family or maybe she just enjoys pontificating and walking up and down in front of good looking sons from powerful Italian families. Now we reach episode six I hope that thinks will begin to happen.

The Jews are descending on Rome daily, more and more are pouring in and Pope Alexander sees a chance to grab yet more gold coins. For the Jews to stay and trade and live happily in Rome they must contribute generously. While the negotiations are in full swing the Pope is interrupted. The French army is descending with the newly married Cesare as it’s Commander. Is there anyone else in the world in 1500? Or is the whole world’s population nestled and squeezed tightly into Rome. Surely is only a matter of time before the pressures give way.

Review by JoAnn Duff

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