REVIEW - 90210 - S05E21

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After a long time we will finally get the answers. Liam is preparing to leave for Australia with Sidney but something is holding him back? The Offshore is supposed to be sold to Annie but first Liam must get the signature of Old Salty (the guy who sold him the bar). When reality sinks in for Liam, he doesn’t seem so eager to start off fresh in Australia and lies about finding Old Salty. Annie on the other hand is fed up of watching the one guy she truly cares for choose other girls when she has been standing right in front of him the whole time. With that Annie tells Dixon that her trip to Paris may not be so short after all and explains that she too needs a fresh start.

Nothing seems to be going Silver’s way; Michaela has been missing for two days while Silver’s doctor also gave her bad news about her health. To top it off Michaela explains why she was avoiding Silver…she lost the baby. This was a really sad scene that seems to be written in the storyline to redeem Silver’s character. Teddy (Trevor Donovan) also made a return to the show and was there just in time to comfort the heartbroken Silver.

Adrianna and Navid continue to see each other. When Ade offers to take Michaela’s place to perform the song they wrote together, everyone accuses her of returning to old conniving ways to steal the spotlight. Although, they don’t know that Ade helped out. Why don’t these people communicate more?
Jordan breaks off his relationship with Naomi because of his controlling mother. A Prince is in town and Jordan’s sister (who had the task to look after the prince) parties a little too hard with him. Naomi comes to rescue and although, she doesn’t rekindle her relationship with Jordan, you got to see how amazing Naomi sometimes.

This week’s episode finished with a huge cliff hanger: Sidney tells Liam they still have enough money to leave. Ade is singing on stage when everything around her collapses. Navid was on his way to the stage area to apologise, Dixon and Annie are stuck in the rampaging crowds. Will someone die? I have a feeling the end will be sad and frustrating, probably leaving us wanting more. Next week will be the last episode EVER, so tune in guys.

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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