REVIEW - New Girl - S02E23-24

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Last week, was one of best episodes Of New Girl probably ever. Although, the gang did not actually leave the house for the whole episode, the storyline compensated for that. As they all share their ‘first time’ to have sex. Jess claims that she has the worst story, she makes out in kids playground castle, gets stuck, the guys she is with announces he might be gay and they police discover that guy sleeping on the bench near them was dead the whole time. Jess is rescued by a strong fireman named Teddy who takes her up in his arms and she explains that lost her virginity to him. I think Jess has the wrong of idea of what disastrous first time is.

Schmidt tells the story of his first time with his first girlfriend Elizabeth that involved a little much lubricant and a stoned Nick who was there to witness it all. While Winston who believes he had the best experience has his whole world crushed as Nick announces that the woman named ‘Mysteria’ who was actually a prostitute. Although who names their child Mysteria? Cece who also claims to have a “bad experience” was lucky enough to lose her virginity to legendary star Mick Jagger.

As Jess leaves the apartment to meet her date at the end of the episode, Nick stops thinking for once and just does exactly what we have been waiting for. He stops Jess in the elevator and sweeps her off her feet like in a romantic novel. Sigh.

In this week’s episode “Winston’s Birthday”, Nick and Jess are lying in bed when they realise after all that sexual tension, they finally did it. Nick is as happy as one can be after sex and decides to make Jess a cute breakfast in bed when her dad (Rob Reiner) arrives at their apartment doorstep.

Jess is offered a job to tempt at a school and Nick is stuck at home with her father trying not to blurt out anything but it does not go so well. The children are giving Jess hell but she takes charge of the situation. At home Nick eventually pours out his heart to Bob (Jess’s father) who has a lot to say about Nick and Jess beginning a relationship.

Bob turns around and says “ I know him, when I was young I was confused, I was lost, I had no plan- you’re not your father your me and I’m not good enough for my little girl.” Ouch.

Cece is preparing for her wedding to Shivrang but will she go through with it? I say bring back the Cece/Schmidt relationship. It’s just plain awkward between Cece and Shivrang, they barely know each other.

The worst part is the whole time that all this drama is occurring they have forgotten about Winston’s birthday.

Watch New Girl next week to find out whether Cece goes through with the wedding and Taylor Swift is set to guest star.

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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