REVIEW - 90210 - S05E20

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If there is one lesson you can learn from this week’s episode it’s that one action can affect many people. When Annie came out as author X the mysterious writer of ‘Undressed’ it provoked Patrick to seek his revenge on her. Mark was unfortunate enough to be stuck in the middle as he is thrown in jail for drugs planted in his luggage. Naomi of course, makes it her mission to save her brother from the charges and get him released so he can be a father to his children. Yep, Mark has children that he forgot to mention about.

In this episode Naomi decides to throw her niece and nephew the best eleven year old party ever, with giant sundaes, face painting and Liam Court from ‘Corporate Invaders’ (his hit movie). However, distracting the children with their every desire did not take away the fact their father was not present at the party. Liam knows better than anyone else that being lied to sucks. He then takes the children to go visit their father in jail.

Silver discovers that Michaela’s demo she was working on last week was sent in to a competition and is certain it was Dixon who did it (although it was Adrianna). Michaela wins the competition which is far from what Silver wanted to happen and she makes sure it goes her way instead.

As for Adrianna who has realized she is still in love with her ex- Navid, they seem to be finally coming back together. It’s about time to! I mean they were perfect couple back in high school (season 1-3).

The new guy Jordan makes a deal with the devil (his mother) to help save Mark, Michaela leaves Beverly Hills and Liam breaks the news to Annie that plans to move to Australia with Sydney (the married woman he was previously sleeping with who was just using him!!).

With only two episodes left to go, there is so much more that needs to happen and fast. This week’s episode is leading to up the final answers: How will the gang say their final goodbyes? Who will end up together? All we know for sure is it will end in style.


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