REVIEW - The Borgias - S03E08

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It is the start of the grand celebrations in Rome and for once Rodrigo Pope Alexander is seen to be doing Pope-ey stuff! He appears solemn and dressed in all the finery and grandeur you would expect of a Renaissance Pope. The crowd looks on while he addresses the people of Rome and opens his doors and offers forgiveness at a price. The sweet sound of jewels and coins for sins paid for fill the Papal House and the wealth amassed is plenty.

One lady is not celebrating, and that is Catarina Sforza. Benito’s body is returned to her and she is full of hate and hell bent on revenge at the loss of her only son. She wants the Borgia’s wiped out and will not stop until she gets her way starting by diverting the flood of Pilgrims to Rome by claiming to have the shroud of turin. However, the Borgia’s will not stand quietly and Cesare is dispatched to exterminate her and collect the shroud for authenticity back at the Vatican.

Meanwhile I cannot help but feel sorry for the cold blooded psychopath Micheletto. He thinks he has found love but all he has done is let a spy into the Borgia household. What fate will behold him and his lover when the web of lies comes undone?

Episode 8 cannot come soon enough as we head towards the final few episodes. The momentum is building nicely and that will be a grand finale no doubt.

Review by JoAnn Duff

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