REVIEW - The Big Bang Theory S06E22 'The Proton Resurgence'

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In this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, ‘The Proton Resurgence’, Leonard and Sheldon get to meet their childhood hero ‘Professor Proton’ (Guest Star Bob Newhart). Professor Proton used to have his own science showed aimed at children, which Leonard and Sheldon both watched religiously. When Sheldon finds out that Professor Proton is still alive, and now doing kids parties, he decides to hire him.

Professor Proton: "Is the blonde really your girlfriend?"
Leonard: "Yes."
Professor Proton: "You're the genius."

When Professor Proton arrives he is less than thrilled at having to do a kids show for two adult physicists, but takes a shine to Penny and decides to stick around. Halfway through he decides he cannot go on, confessing that he feels humiliated. He reveals that he really does have a PhD, but after doing the show the science community no longer took him seriously. This meant he resorted to performing kids parties in order to earn money, and therefore feels like a failure as a scientist. Sheldon and Leonard cheer him up by saying he is not a failure since he encouraged so many children to pursue careers in science. Everything seems to be looking up... until Professor Proton starts having trouble with his pacemaker. Poor Professor Proton ends up trapped in a hospital bed with Sheldon singing ‘Soft Kitty’ to him.

Overall, this was a pretty good storyline. Bob Newhart played the role of washed-up Professor Proton brilliantly, and he had plenty of great one-liners. Watching Sheldon look at someone adoringly (for once) was pretty interesting, and seeing Penny take a genuine interest in science was hilarious.

In the other story this week, Raj has to work all weekend and asks Howard and Bernadette to look after his dog Cinnamon. After spending some time with Cinnamon, Bernadette begins to reconsider her position on having children (in earlier episodes she has demonstrated an outward dislike for children, and said she never wants to have her own)... that is of course until they lose Cinnamon after a trip to the park. Panic-stricken they search everywhere for her but to no avail, and Bernadette bewails the fact that she thinks she will be a terrible mother after all. 

As it turns out someone has found Cinnamon and called Raj who has picked her up. When Raj calls Howard and Bernadette to “check” on Cinnamon, Howard lies about where she is. Raj calls him on it, showing Howard the dog. Howard asks how long has Raj had her for, and he says “hours”. Furious, Bernadette interrupts and makes Raj feel guilty about how long he had her for without telling them. Howard congratulates Bernadette on confronting Raj, and says that she would make a good mother after all. The scene closes with the two of them happy and kissing... could this mean there is a Big Bang baby on the horizon? I personally don’t think the show is ready for it, especially given how childlike the other characters (*cough* Sheldon *cough*) can be, but we will just have to wait and see...

Review by Heather Bale.


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