REVIEW - The Big Bang Theory S06E23 'The Love Spell Potential'

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Love is in the air in this weeks episode of The Big Bang Theory, ‘The Love Spell Potential’, as two couples take their relationship to the next level!

After an incident at the airport stops Amy, Bernadette and Penny going to Las Vegas, they end up playing ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ with Howard, Leonard and Sheldon. Although reluctant at first, the girls get into the game (aided by Howard’s celebrity impressions as the dungeon master). Things all seem to be going well until Bernadette casts a love spell on Amy and Sheldon. The others start mocking Amy and Sheldon, and their (lack of a) sexual relationship. Amy gets upset and hides in Sheldon’s room.

Amy doesn’t like that the others think their relationship is a joke, but Sheldon does not think it is. He tells her that although they may not be as intimate as other couples, “for me, what we have, is extremely intimate”. Sheldon goes on to say that although he is not ready for more intimacy at this stage, he has not “ruled it out” for the future. Sheldon decides to go along with the D&D love spell scenario as evidence of this, which quickly cheers Amy up.

This scene was so very sweet, and so true to Sheldon’s character. They may not be progressing in their relationship as fast as Amy would hope, but they are progressing. Although Amy may struggle with this at times, she does understand Sheldon and is willing to wait for him to be ready. More importantly, despite what Sheldon says sometimes, he does indeed care for Amy, he is just scared of increasing their intimacy. I have been on the fence for a while about the whole Shamy situation, but this scene has convinced me that it might just/should work after all.

Meanwhile Raj and Lucy go on another date and she confesses she is trying to push herself into more situations she feels uncomfortable with, such as telling her hairdresser she doesn’t like her bangs or sending food back in a restaurant. When their meal comes, Lucy thinks her crab-cakes taste “funky”, and decides she just won’t eat them. Raj thinks this is a good opportunity for Lucy to send food back, but she refuses. He keeps pressuring her, and she eventually excuses herself to go to the bathroom and sneaks out the window like she did on their first date. 

Unfortunately, Lucy becomes trapped at the back of the restaurant which is surrounded by a fence and padlocked gate. She calls Raj who is annoyed with her for bailing on another of their dates. Lucy says she is scared and does not like Raj pushing her. Raj confesses he is scared too, but that is because he likes Lucy a lot. Lucy is shocked, but Raj convinces her of his feelings... and they have their first kiss! Sure it was through a fence, but their relationship is moving forward and I am glad it all seems to be going so well. Of course this is TV-land, where no couple seems to be able to function for more than a few episodes at a time without any relationship drama to keep us watching, so I wonder what, if anything, TBBT has in store for Raj and Lucy... It is the season finale next week after all, so we will all just have to tune in and see what happens!

Review by Heather Bale.


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