REVIEW - The Borgias - S03E05

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This episode is all about the women. Strong women, sexy women, evil women and mad women.

Katarina Sforza is back on the scene after an episode of absence and is still building a union of key Italian power families with her narcissistic self at the helm. Lucrezia is heartbroken as she gives up her illegitimate baby who is to be brought up by her parents out of the public eye as per her marriage negotiations. As she leaves with a heavy, weeping heart to set up her marital home in Naples Michelleto, the Borgia’s faithful guard stays by her side. The Pope however barely notices her sadness and shows no empathy as she leaves her baby behind for a new life without her beloved son. The faithful Michelleto seems to be the only one to listen to Lucrezia’s woes and who understands her pain and want for revenge.

The pre-occupied Pope rather than be a good father and grandfather, seems more interested in sleeping with other noblemen’s wives. However the latest seductive conquest may be one of the most beautiful to ever visit the Vatican, but is also the most unhinged. Has Pope Alexander bitten off more than he can chew?

Cesare arrives in Avignon, France in search of another woman (as if The Borgia’s don’t have their hands full enough). He needs to find a wife to strengthen the Borgia dynasty and also to hopefully snuff out the fires of passion that burn deep for his little sister. Whilst surrounded by strong, beautiful French ladies-in-waiting he is also there to work on powerful negotiations with France, which could take the Borgia household to new heights of control, power and wealth.

Review by JoAnn Duff


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