REVIEW - Grimm - S02E19

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There are few things that make me happier than plot progression in Grimm. In ‘Endangered’ we finally learn the purpose of the keys, Munroe tells Juliette what a Grimm is and aliens are revealed to be glow in the dark wesen. The focus shifts away from our main characters and onto the monster of the week, but their problems are still front and centre.

Who are these brand new wesen? A young couple with blue, glowing skin that resemble something fresh out of Area 51. They’re under scrutiny for abduction and killing a rancher’s cows.

Hank is back but he has once again been shoved off screen in favour of Sargeant Wu. Though it is great to see our supporting cast get more use it is starting to feel like Hank’s being phased out of the story in favour of our nerdy Asian friend. We also see the return of Doctor Harper which serves to reveal that the perpetrator of the cow slaughters has bioluminescence when they’re stressed.

The tension of the main storyline involving both Juliette’s memories and the keys never leaves the episode, but it is not what viewers might fixate on. We see the development of Rosalee and Munroe’s relationship as well as how Nick is integrated into their lives as Munroe’s roommate. It’s also great to see Nick learning to overcome his limits as a cop to function as a Grimm.

In regards to that last comment, this episode did one thing I do not feel the last episode did: it deals with the consequences of Nick’s solution, albeit in an abrupt way.

As we progress through the episode, the new characters gain more development and top at least Juliette for screentime. It doesn’t go into their backstory or why they’re in Portland but we see just enough to care what happens to this young family. As for the villain this episode (surprise, it’s not the guy gutting cows) it only takes one scene for him to go from harmless to despicable; I feel that reveal is one of Grimm’s greatest twists so far.

As I mentioned last week I love the simple addition of a filter to illustrate when Juliette is remembering a scene and when she is in the present. It has gotten more subdued than it was in ‘Volcanalis’, implying that her memories are, in fact, getting stronger. I may not talk about it much in terms of my reviews, but it is little details like this that make me smile.

If there is one problem in Grimm’s special effects repertoire, I have to say that it is they show something is glowing. I noticed this in ‘Volcanalis’ as well, but it is more prominent in this episode due to how much screen time these creatures have. It does not look jarring when the glow is in the villain’s eyes or the skin sample, but it does look silly on the large blue bodies.

This is a good episode for character interactions (namely between Munroe, Nick and Rosalee) and has a strong arc for the creatures we’re focusing on. Somehow this episode manages to balances the dark clouds swirling overhead with the wonderful mysteries lurking inside the Grimm universe. It’s definitely worth a viewing.

Review by Greta Rehak


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