Review - Smash "Phenomenon"

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This season has been a rough one for our beloved Smash, and I say "our" because I now truly believe that this show belongs to the fans more than any other show that is airing right now. We have had our beloved show moved from primetime mid week, to Friday, and now to the dreaded Saturday night burn off slot. It is very surprising that this has happened, what with a show that is produced by Steven Speilberg and stars some great actors like Debra Messing, Anjelica Houston combining with the star power of Katherine McPhee, Jennifer Hudson and Bernadette Peters.

We have endured a lot as fans, but through it all the show has continued to produce quality storylines with a stellar soundtrack and show stopping performances that will (IMO) go down in TV history as some of my favourite moments of 2012-13.

This weeks episode just brought that standard to an all new level, for those that have not seen the latest episode I implore that you stop reading now, watch it, and then come back.

For those of us that have, you would already know by now that after Kyle was hit by a car in the final seconds of last weeks episode, this was his last scene for Smash as the accident took his life. First of all you are going to think I am extremely naive as I did not see this coming and I loved this. Kyle was built up to be such an inspiring and loveable character after the events with the show, he was always the shining light that pushed Hit List to the stage and kept Jimmy going and pushed him to be a better person and performer.

The beginnings of a relationship with Tom was hopeful and writing relationship with Julia really was setting him in place to be a contender for a Broadway legend (in the show) This episode was jam packed with extra scenes of Kyle with the main characters in the show, and was a great insight into what happened and how he impacted the people around him. One of the most touching was when he was serenaded by Tom, I must admit that my allergies kicked in and I had to have a cup of tea and a lie down, but nothing could compare to the icy and stubborn character of Derick, played by the incomprehensible Jack Davenport, who admitted his love and loss of this character who had helped him so much.

The final icing on the cake was the performance by Jimmy breaking down and all the characters realising how much he would be missed and lit a fire under getting Hit List to Broadway. While we were all expecting Eileen Rand to do this, it was a complete and gratifying shock when her ex Jerry swept in early and bagged the role as producer.

This was the most highly charged and emotional of Smash to date and the way it dealt with the tragedy of the situation was fantastic. I can not recommend this show enough, if you need to catch up you can buy the first season via the links below.


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