REVIEW - Grimm - S02E21

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In ‘The Waking Dead’ every subplot and storyline going on throughout season two reaches boiling point. Juliette sees for herself what a wesen is, Captain Renard and his brother find out about Adalind’s child and there is an undeniable tension between Frau Pech and Stefania. The story also introduces a new species of Wesen and a new recurring character which promises to wreak some havoc in the finale.

As the name implies, we deal with zombies of all things in this episode. It’s interesting to see how the series integrates them into the mythos; I’m also impressed that they chose a more traditional approach than Night of the Living Dead-esque monsters. It was still a little hard to avoid eye rolling given how often they’re used in Hollywood.

The presence of the new character was jarring and when it got to three quarters into the episode I wasn’t sure what they were going to do with him. It wasn’t until the very last scene with said character that I was impressed.

Grimm seems to have focus issues in many of its episodes and while this is not an exception it is impressive to see all these side stories come together for what seems to be a grand finale. After several episodes of silence Eric Renard and his brother’s confidant return on screen to react to the possibility of an illegitimate heir. While this plot simmers in the background its influence in the next episode is clear by the end. Juliette’s subplot, however, has more focus than it probably should have at this point in the arc. The benefit is the arc is done and shouldn’t come up next episode.

This episode is notable for being the one of few episodes where Adalind’s scenes aren’t jarring additions. I love how the show toys with whether she is being played or doing the playing—this episode leans more to the former, but it’s still intriguing to watch.

‘The Waking Dead’ tries its hardest to bring everything together so we can watch worlds collide in the next episode. As a result the episode has focus issues at times and can be disorienting. It’s a must watch for the impending finale and completes a storyline that has stretched out just a little bit too long. I wouldn’t recommend it as a standalone episode but for someone who wants to understand the storyline this is one you can’t skip over.

Review by Greta Rehak


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