REVIEW - 90210 - S05E22

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After last week’s cliff hanger the explosion that destroyed stage the question on everyone’s mind was is Adrianna or Navid dead?

In “We all Fall Down” the series finale it was time for the friends to take their final bow and find some must need resolutions.

Sidney was left asking questions about Annie and Liam’s relationship after she finished reading ‘Undressed’ the book based around Annie’s love life. Liam, who is of course in denial of the on-going feelings for Annie, continues to ignore obvious signs-they should be together.

Navid is found safe and sound but Aid is nowhere to be found. Still in pain, Navid runs into the damaged stage to find her. It was nice to see Navid be heroic and they sat there until rescue crews came, discussing their future together.

Naomi throws a massive concert to raise funds for recent disaster which featured the amazing vocals of the Goo Goo Dolls. The concert is put to stop when a gas leak is found that could harm Aid and Navid inside. With no money for the ‘Naomi Clark Disaster Relief’ the only way out was to sell her tell all story about her so called night with Prince Harry. It worked in Naomi’s favour as Jordan’s mother delivered the news that the Emperor (aka. Prince Harry’s father) was happy to see his son react to the story by entering rehab. Naomi agreed to meet the Emperor as long as she and Jordan could see each once again.

As if Silver needed more pain in her life, the doctor called to announce she had cancer. Dixon had a heart-warming conversation with Silver and it motivated her to fight the cancer: You reach deeper until you can find the strength. That’s all life is, one big fight after another.”

Later Sidney confronted Liam and told him to read the ending of Annie’s book. Aid calls Silver about the baby incident and they make-up from their on-going war. The group said their goodbyes and I teared up when Annie hugged Dixon.

As Annie, Naomi and Jordan walk towards their private plane. Annie looks miserable as rolls her luggage and gets on the plane. Little does she know that Liam is driving his motorcycle beside the plane along the runway until eventually Jordan notices him. Annie gets off the plane and Liam says:
I read the end of your book. The person you made me, the guy who rides up on his motorcycle and says exactly how he feels and what he wants, even if it’s complicated. That’s the guy I want to be.”
Then in one bold and romantic move, Liam gets one knee and asks her to marry him. She says yes.

Although, 90210 did not have the best ending I mean what happened to Silver or Dixon? Did Navid and Aid marry? We could have seen more of a happy ending for all the characters and Max should have returned to sweep Naomi off her feet once again. The show had an overall bitter sweet end but it was still worth it to watch. I see a 90210 marathon in the near future!

Review by Jessica Tisdell


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