REVIEW - The Walking Dead - S03E16

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So here we are, at the season finale. Could the writers and production team deliver on what has been a triumphant return to form throughout the course of this season compared to the lacklustre second season? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is yes and no.

There was a gripping pre-credits sting as Milton received some brutal attention after sabotaging one of The Governor’s plans while an army headed out from Woodbury to take out the survivors at the prison. While the battle raged, The Governor left Andrea in a life or death situation and Tyreese was left to ponder his place in Woodbury.

Writing credit for the episode went to the departing show-runner Glen Mazzara, the man who has done so much to raise the quality of the series and bring it back up to the standard of the first season. However, while there are some great moments in the episode and plot strands that have been laid in place to be explored in the next season, it was still slightly underwhelming considering what has gone before.

The Governor suffered a complete break from reality and is set to be an even more unhinged threat in the next season. Meanwhile, Carl is growing more ruthless and there are signs that Rick is scared of what is son is becoming. It will be fascinating to see how far the writers will be willing to push Carl’s character next season.

There was a sorrowful conclusion to the episode with the demise of one long-term character but overall the finale was still a little disappointing. There was no confrontation between Rick and The Governor and the altercations have been all too brief during the course of the season. Considering everything seemed to have been built up towards a showdown between the two leaders this was somewhat a cop-out.

Ultimately, this season finale didn’t deliver any major revelations or massive story changing incidents but rather decided to keep plot strands in place to be picked up in season 4. However, that shouldn’t distract from what has been an excellent season that has raised the bar for what is to come next.

Review by Jonathan Gray


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