REVIEW - The Borgias - S03E02

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Katerina Sforza has declared open warfare against the Borgias. After the failed poisoning of Rodrigo (Pope Alexander VI) and the failed assassination attempt of the entire Borgia family, Katerina has to move fast to save her own skin. She seeks to be rid of the Borgias once and for all by gathering and grooming an army of young blooded Italians from some of the most powerful families in Rome. The power hungry and the ‘2nd Sons’, looking for a chance to overthrow the family Borgia and create powerful paths for themselves.

Rodrigo Borgia is still frail, struggling with the loss of his virility and recovering slowly. He pulls his wife Vanozza closer to him, who is an ever loyal advisor, and seems to fully accept the mistress Giulia Farnese as a second wife and full member of the household. While the Pope clings to his health and his sanity the family looks to handsome, strong Cesare to protect his family and strike back. With Della Rovere still on the run, also another threat to the Borgia dynasty, who must be stopped. Cesare and his faithful manservant Micheletto stalk Rome to find out Katerina’s next move and the whereabouts of the fugitive Della Rovere.

It becomes time to act, ‘to snip the silken threads of the spiders’. Pope Alexander demands an inquisition. It’s a risky maneuver and Cardinal Sforza becomes the first head on the chopping block. He tries to distance himself from the other Sforza’s and seeks alliance with the Borgias. Can he be trusted? How valuable can he become to Pope Alexander?

Episode two also touches on Lucrezia and her new husband to be, who is a virgin and certainly no match for the experienced and devilish Lucrezia, while the incestual chemistry between Cesare and Lucrezia escalates and becomes more apparent. Can Cesare resist?

This episode stakes out each characters side and builds slowly ready to unfold the secrets and wars of the dynasty of Rome. There can be one thing for certain, episode three will be driven by sex, revenge and many more assassination attempts.

Review by JoAnn Duff


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